‚ÄčOver the past couple of years the average person has relied more and more on the Internet, whether it's through the use of smartphones for social communication or the use of the Internet for researching information.

"The Internet of Things" (IOT) is a concept, connecting all of your everyday network enabled devices such as phones, washing machines, coffee machines, TV's etc. and creates a network, which is then able to feed the user back with useful information, aiming to make life easier.

So you might ask yourself how does "The Internet of Things" impact me?

Well, looking at the broader picture, this concept can change an individual's working patterns by providing information as to when is one most or least productive.

Hence if you know that you are most productive during certain hours of the day, you can isolate your activities and patterns then so that you can identify how to make your remaining working hours as productive as those.

The Internet of things can save you time and effort as well as organise your life as your assistant would. Imagine a scenario where your alarm clocks rings depending on what time you must be at work, or what time you must be up to attend a particular meeting and it extracts the information from your diary and as soon it detects that you woke up, it notify's the kettle to turn on and your ironing platform to iron your clothes ready to wear. Then your car will drive you to work, avoiding congestion and while you are informed of the news on a screen and select what you would wish for dinner so that it starts being prepared.

There are endless opportunities in the Internet of Things as to better understand ourselves and in a way optimize the way we live and work but also there are a number of potential pitfalls. What happens when there is a fault on the network? What happens if your network is compromised by a malicious hacker? There is a lot of research to be made on the field, but do not think that the implementation of the Internet of Things is far away in time. Already a number of companies have embraced the idea and have started developing compatible products.

Although we are not there yet as to enjoy a fully scaled Internet of Things, we at Computer Being can make sure that your networked devices communicate and sync well with each other so that you are always in control of your data and you do not waste time in manual syncing activities and at the same time increasing your productivity.