It is estimated that 80% of computer users do not know how to use the most common keyboard shortcuts.

Using keyboard shortcuts not only saves time but makes you far more productive.

Hence we drafted a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

To start with the main key for keyboard shortcuts in Windows is CTRL (Control) and ⌘ (Command) for Mac.

COPY (Ctrl+C): Either copying an entire file or selecting and copying text in a document or in a webpage, this is one of the most common shortcuts.

PASTE (Ctrl+V): Clicking on a document and pasting the text you have copied previously.

CUT (Ctrl+X): Use that when you wish to copy a file or some text but at the same time you wish to delete it from its original location or move it from one location to another.

SELECT ALL (Ctrl+A): Very useful in selecting multiple files at once or the whole text inside a document.

SAVE (Ctrl+S): An essential shortcut to save your work while in a document.

PRINT (Ctrl+P)

NEW (Ctrl+N): In a web browser it will create a new window and in an application such as a text editor or image editor it will create a new document or file.

FIND (Ctrl+F): In a Web browser it will bring up the search box and locate the text your are searching for on the web page and it will perform similarly in other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

UNDO (Ctrl+Z): Reverses your last action.

DISPLAY DESKTOP (Windows+D): It minimizes/hides applications and shows you the desktop.

Practice makes best !!!