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Posted on in Computer Repair & Maintenance

SSD vs HDD: Which one is right for you?


Both drives do the same job which is store your personal files such as songs, videos, pictures, documents and applications but they have their own unique differences that are outlined below:



Hard Disk Drives are much cheaper than SDDs as they differ in functionality and many other areas outlined in the subsections below. They will remain cheaper as hard drives use traditional old school technology with a read/write arm. SDD, in comparison, has a bit more sophisticated technology embedded to it, thus they cost more.

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Posted on in General IT

15 interesting facts that you probably did not know about Computing and the Internet

1.TYPEWRITER is the longest word that you can write using the letters only on one row of the keyboard of your computer.

2.Over 6000 new computer viruses are released every month.

3.HP, Microsoft and Apple have all started in a garage.

Posted on in General IT

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office with the very popular Microsoft Word and Excel. However, the much improved 2016 version of Microsoft Office comes at £120 for the home edition or £80 per year for Office 365 and £230 for the business edition or £84 per year per user with Office 365.

Posted on in General IT

Do you need a digital detox?

Ofcom’s annual communications market report, gave us recently some very interesting data on the frequency that the UK population interacts with the Internet.

This at a time that 71%of adults in the UK owns a smartphone.

A sample of 2,500 people was used revealing that a large portion of the public would like to spend less time online or indeed have a digital detox.

Some very interesting statistics are:

-59% of the people feel attached to their digital devices

Posted on in Computer Security

Free vs Paid Antivirus Software

There is often the question to individuals and businesses whether it is worth paying for Internet Security software. There is an abundance of free antivirus software out there with unlimited updates which makes you wonder.

The most basic levels of antivirus products are free and paid antivirus, suites and premium suites, As you move up levels you usually get more features such as parental controls, mail filters, identity theft protection, device location, firewalls and system performance tools. But to determine whether a paid subscription is worth it, we offer a comparison below:

Free Antivirus


  • Free
  • Unlimited malware signature updates which are installed automatically
  • Most offer web browser add-ons
  • Offer same user interface as paid versions
  • The detection rates are very similar to paid versions
  • They are faster than their paid counterparts hence are not as resource demanding


Posted on in General IT

Internet of Things

Over the past couple of years the average person has relied more and more on the Internet, whether it’s through the use of smartphones for social communication or the use of the Internet for researching information.

“The Internet of Things” (IOT) is a concept, connecting all of your everyday network enabled devices such as phones, washing machines, coffee machines, TV’s etc. and creates a network, which is then able to feed the user back with useful information, aiming to make life easier.

So you might ask yourself how does “The Internet of Things” impact me?

Well, looking at the broader picture, this concept can change an individual's working patterns by providing information as to when is one most or least productive.

Hence if you know that you are most productive during certain hours of the day, you can isolate your activities and patterns then so that you can identify how to make your remaining working hours as productive as those.

Posted on in Computer Security

Stay secure in the Cloud

We regularly come across stories of people whose cloud accounts have been hacked and their personal data leaked all over the Internet.

Most of these people could never imagine of how easy it would be for their data to be accessed from a web browser and most of the time the reason that they were vulnerable was that they were not following basic rules or thought that hacking could never happen to them.

Use strong passwords

We are sure you have heard that before and we do understand that it is challenging to setup complex password for each of your accounts and then remember them.

However, below you can see an example of how easy it can be to crack a simple password with a brute-force algorithm. 

Posted on in Computer Repair & Maintenance

Should you upgrade your computer or buy a new one?

This is something we are being asked on a daily basis and the answer requires you to consider a number of parameters.

In general if you are happy with your PC’s performance there is obviously no compelling need to make any changes. However to ask this question you are probably not happy and long for a system that will be fast and will support the latest software.

But let’s see at some questions and answers that will help you make the decision between upgrading and purchasing a new computer.

How do you intend to use your computer?

If your intended use is browsing the web and checking your emails, upgrading your hard drive to an SSD and/or upgrading your RAM should be a more than enough upgrade, provided that your computer is not more than 5-6 years old.

Posted on in Computer Usage Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts that will increase your productivity

It is estimated that 80% of computer users do not know how to use the most common keyboard shortcuts.

Using keyboard shortcuts not only saves time but makes you far more productive.

Hence we drafted a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

To start with the main key for keyboard shortcuts in Windows is CTRL (Control) and ⌘ (Command) for Mac.


Posted on in General IT

Start exploring the weirdness of quantum mechanics!

IBM releases quantum computing.

Indeed the chip giant has established in New York a research laboratory with a five-qubit quantum computer accessible from the cloud platform to the masses.

It is the first time that a quantum computer is available to others. That allows developing the research beyond research centres and universities through this experience called IBM Quantum Experience.

Currently the development seems to be not fully completed but users can already run algorithms and experiments by working with their own qubits.

Individuals can now explore new things with quantum computing. 

Posted on in General IT

Microsoft to release critical security update for Windows 10 Internet Explorer

(MS16-023 Security patch)

Important news for all the windows 10 users:

The tech giant's is working on a future update regarding Microsoft Internet Explorer. On a previous statement the company stated that this  security update resolves internal  vulnerabilities  when using Explorer. In most severe cases Microsoft further stated that third party individuals  can have access to internal remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted webpage using Internet Explorer. The company pointed out that hackers who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same administrator rights as the current user therefore having full control over the affected device.

As the security risks are very high hackers could have access to some OS function such as install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

We like to point out that this security update is critical for all internet explorer users (Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9), & Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) on affected Windows clients, and Moderate for Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9), Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10), and Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) on affected Windows servers.

Posted on in General IT

Extra Storage for your iPhone and iPad

It is often frustrating having your mobile device almost full and this preventing you from storing more content.

Some android devices give you the option to expand your storage by placing a micro-SD card but with an iPhone and iPad you do not have this option

and one must consider the option to upgrade to a new model or backup all the data to the cloud and delete it from their mobile device.

Posted on in General IT

Windows 8.1 for free?

Microsoft is planning to release a free (or low cost) version of the Windows 8.1 operating system according to several reports hovering on the web. The new 8.1 version is seen as a compliment for Windows 7 users who don’t want to pay the license for an upgrade. 

However there will be some kind of catch, of course. Microsoft is experimenting with integrating with Bing on a deeper level. Windows 8.1 at its current state does already involve Bing apps on the start screen, it is unclear how the free version will differ but apps with ads are a probability according to the general perception.  Another rumour is that Microsoft might put ads in Live Tiles on the start screen.

This free Windows 8.1 version is also an attempt to compete on the mobile devices market with open source operating system Android.

Posted on in Computer Security

Ransomware and Cryptolocker

It might sound like two cartoon villains however they are not. Ransomware and cryptolocker are real life digital villains.

Ransomeware is a relatively new computer virus genre that recently has sparked the virus market. As the name implies ransomware is a malware which demands a ransom to be paid in order for it to be removed.  The ransomware usually spreads as a trojan entering the system through a downloaded file or through a shady network service.

Ransomware can act a bit differently depending on how nasty it is. The general and most common form is by popping up as a fake antivirus tool saying your computer is infected and that you need to pay to get rid of the malicious files, this type can also appear saying you need to pay for an update of your windows system, imitating the official windows update interface. These will spam you with alerts and popups or might even restrict you from running certain programs.

Another type won’t allow you to start up your PC properly. A full-sized window will appear saying that you need to pay to proceed, quite often because of legal matters. You have broken the law and fine needs to be paid, logotypes from FBI and/or CIA will probably show up as well.

Cryptolocker is probably the scariest piece of ransomeware today. Cryptolocker will encrypt your files and lock them away from you unless you pay. According to BBC news the Cryptolocker ransomware had infected around 250,000 PCs by Christmas Eve 2013. Where 19% of all infections have been taken place in Great Britain.

Posted on in General IT

Wearable Technology

The wearable gadgets are here to improve our everyday life, facilitating communication and making it possible to read or answer emails  from your phone from you glasses or watch. You can take photos from your watch when paired with your tablet or smartphone. Making it easier to take “selfies” or group photos without leaving one person out of the photo. With Google Glass it is even possible to take photos just by winking one eye.

The problem with the wearable technology is the “wearability” of the products, the technology has been the no. 1 priority rather than design and usability. However now that the technical parts more or less has been set, the design and usability is of more importance. This can be seen on the recent release of the new Google Glass with frames or on the beautiful Pebble Steel Smartwatch.

The electronics companies have also engaged in the ongoing fitness and health trend, creating fitness bands  which log the wearers type of activity, distance and calorie burn. Some bands do even keep track of your heart rate and your sleeping habits. 

Sony is this spring releasing the Smartband which besides all the features listed above is waterproof, can log your entire phone actions and as well as track your mood. The mood tracking algorithm is quite unclear but will hopefully be explained at the MWC conference in Barcelona, late February.

LG is soon to release Heart Rate Earphones, which are set to the first half of 2014. The Heart Rate Earphones uses sensor technology to measure blood flow in the outer ear. The earphone are design for physical activity and do also calculate the wearer’s oxygen consumption.

Posted on in Computer Security

How to protect your Android phone from infection

Trojans stealing information from your Android phone is a reality. The risk of getting a trojan in your Android phone is not super high matter and if you get one it may not be the worst thing you’ve ever experienced, but it might still be a good idea to get some extra protection.

Nearly all phone malware is created for Android phones, basically for the reason of Android’s open nature. It is therefore easier for the virus developers to spread their creation on this platform. Although Google do some cleaning and do remove trojan apps from Google Play, It happens that apps with high functionality and a clear purpose containing baked-in malware code slips through Googles filter.

What you can do to protect your phone is to keep track of the apps you’re installing, don’t install apps you never heard of these are more likely to contain malware. Investigate the app and if there is a logical connection between the app and the functions it uses. 

You can also complement with a mobile security app, there are several free apps to choose from.

In the list below will you find examples.

Posted on in Computer Security

Device recovery software

It’s a situation that everyone who owns a laptop or smartphone has considered. You’ve returned home to find that your piece of tech has been stolen, worse than that is the police have told you without anything to go on there is almost no chance of you getting it back. Thankfully there are several pieces of software out there that you can install to help avoid this situation and hopefully help you get your property back and I would like to introduce two.


Prey project are a company who have been around quite a while now. Their software runs on pretty much any platform you could have, including Windows, Apple and Linux. After you have downloaded the free software onto your laptop, tablet or smartphone it will just sit there patiently. Then one day if you lose it or someone takes it you log into your account and report it missing. Once you do this their servers will attempt to communicate with the device at regular intervals and request it to send back information. This means that when the device is able to connect to the internet it will start sending back screenshots, pictures from the webcam and even use local wifi and mobile phone towers to pinpoint a location. Once you have this information it should make the job of locating your laptop considerably easier and hopefully lead to the Police being able to put it back in your hands.    


Posted on in General IT

How to choose the right laptop

Buying a new laptop

When it comes to buying a laptop a little bit of research can save you a lot of money and help you get the functionality that you really need. There are as many different types of laptop as there are things you can do on one. This means you need to decide what are the most important things your laptop should have and then focus in on finding your best match.


Initially this is a question about whether you need a tablet or a laptop. If you intend on doing any large amount of typing (say a few hundred words in a single sitting) then you really do want a keyboard. Beyond that you want to make sure that it is a comfortable keyboard. If you’ve found a great deal online try and find the same laptop in a local store and go and try out the keyboard. Perhaps you can take a newspaper and try and type out a few paragraphs from one of the articles. Make sure that the keys are spaced correctly for your hands and typing style and that you are getting the correct tactile sensation when pressing them. This might seem like a small thing but it is probably one of the most important.

Battery Life

Posted on in Computer Repair & Maintenance

Top 5 free programs to speed up your PC

There are many different reasons a PC might be running a bit slow, but using these 5 free tools you should be able to squeeze a little bit more speed out of an aging computer.


Defraggler is a program that replaces the basic windows defragment tool. Both of these tools take data on your hard drive that is often used at the same time and tries to organize your disc so that it is able to find the information it needs faster. Defraggler has a better analysis algorithm which generally results in a better end product, it also seems to run faster than the Windows version.


Ccleaner is a product offered by the same company as Defraggler. Ccleaner does two things, it cleans unnecessary system files, such as web browser data, or out of date temporary files. It also finds and fixes problems with the windows registry. Both of these can really help to speed up your PC and can even fix a few more serious issues.

Posted on in General IT

What are the parts that make up your computer?

The world of IT certainly has a language all of its own and sometimes it can be difficult to even try to explain what the problem might be. In this post I hope to introduce you to the basic parts that make up your computer or laptop.


The motherboard as the name might suggest is the central board through which everything else is connected. It looks like a big printed circuit board and is generally screwed into the back of the computer. Some motherboards have extra functions built into them such as their own graphics or sound cards.



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