SSD vs HDD: Which one is right for you?

Both drives do the same job which is store your personal files such as songs, videos, pictures, documents and applications but they have their own unique differences that are outlined below:


Hard Disk Drives are much cheaper than SDDs as they differ in functionality and many other areas outlined in the subsections below. They will remain cheaper as hard drives use traditional old school technology with a read/write arm. SDD, in comparison, has a bit more sophisticated technology embedded to it, thus they cost more.


The advantage of SSD over HDD in this aspect is as clear as day. It takes most of the devices with SSD just seconds to boot and get up to speed with various operational tasks such as downloading, transferring files or running applications/softwares. In contrast, HDDs are much slower in comparison and will take more time to boot and gain full speed. Even though this might not make a huge difference for an average user, it might just change things around for expert users or small business owners.


SSDs come with a maximum capacity of upto 4TB but it could cost you a fortune. But it's not the case with HDDs as they typically come in between 500GB to 4TB of available storage for a very reasonable price.


As you can see from the picture above, SSD does not have any moving parts so it will keep your data secure and undamaged for long most of the times unless the device is shaken really hard or thrown down with great force. But HDD, with all its moving and endless internal parts, is very vulnerable to damage and eventually, loss of data which is a common problem for users. So, if you care great deal about your data and device, it is highly recommended to install SDD.


This is another advantageous point that SDDs have as they literally produce no noise because of their non-mechanical nature. HDD makes some noise, especially when in full operation as it has read/write arm that is responsible for all the noise that your laptop or PC makes.


HDD pros are capacity, price and availability which could be translated into a very good deal for the average user who does not want to spend much money on a drive and does not really care about advantages that SDDs have. And SDD pros are speed, longevity and noise factors. This is mostly suited for expert users that want things done quickly and efficiently.

So if you want your device to run efficiently and as fast as ever with a strong and sophisticated tool as SDD, Computer Being can offer you that for a minimal investment. Just contact us and we will take it from there.

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