Start exploring the weirdness of quantum mechanics!

IBM releases quantum computing.

Indeed the chip giant has established in New York a research laboratory with a five-qubit quantum computer accessible from the cloud platform to the masses.

It is the first time that a quantum computer is available to others. That allows developing the research beyond research centres and universities through this experience called IBM Quantum Experience.

Currently the development seems to be not fully completed but users can already run algorithms and experiments by working with their own qubits.

Individuals can now explore new things with quantum computing.

Here the opportunity to give a chance to the discovery of new algorithms or just to encourage curiosity and access for the first time a previously inaccessible computer.

Andreas Fuhrer, the IBM's nanoscale physics research said: "The idea is that people can get their hands on a real quantum processor then start exploring the weirdness of quantum mechanics, then do that at home in simulation, in class at university, or in a company, by playing around by a real quantum system and running experiments on it in the cloud".

What better way to guarantee new decisive discoveries for the tomorrow's world! It is indeed clear that this supercomputer would be able to have a big impact on new scientific findings and especially for medicine research and the discovery of new drugs.

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