If you tend to procrastinate and constantly put off tasks, here are a few tools that will help you avoid missing any important deadline.

Google Calendar reminders

The Google Calendar app is available for iPhone and Android. You can create reminders that will show up in the Google Calendar on the day they are scheduled, and you will see them each day until they are marked as done.

Remember the milk

An app to make your to-do lists easier to manage, that will send you reminders by email, text, Twitter or on their apps (Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10). It is easy to use and personalize and you can share your lists to give tasks to others, or even attach files to your tasks. It syncs on all your devices so you can be reminded of the important things wherever you go.

Google Keep

Another Google app that can help you organise. You can upload notes, lists, photos, and audio, share lists with other users, colour code your content and of course sync it on all your devices.


An app to help you organize and share your to-do lists. You can add due dates and reminders, sort related lists in folders, print your lists and even use hashtags in them. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and the Web.

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