IP telephony (or VoIP for Voice over IP) is a telephony mode using the telecommunications protocol created for Internet (IP for Internet Protocol). The voice is digitized and routed in packets like any other data. The main advantages for a business to use IP telephony are the speed increase and the savings.

There are different kinds of handsets available if your company wishes to use IP telephony:

Using IP telephony will improve your work organisation but you should also consider the sustainability of investments.

The best moment for your company to switch to IP telephony is right at the beginning of your business, when you move to a new office, at the term of your contract with your traditional telephony service or when your company has to renew its IT structure.

Here is what your company will benefit from by switching to IP telephony:

Popular features
IP telephony offers many convenient and interesting features: call recording, call forwarding via the phone, e-mailing of voicemails, viewing statistics of incoming and outgoing calls, or forwarding to a cell phone.

Computer Being can assist your business to transit to an IP telephony solution that will be both cost-effective and will increase productivity and collaboration.‚Äč