Windows vs Mac - Which one is safer against viruses

Mac computers are believed to be less prone to malware than Windows computers. This is because they compose a smaller proportion of the market, as 90% of computers have Windows installed. This makes Windows computers a more attractive target for attackers, since malware developers want to impact as many computers as possible. This does not mean however, that Windows computers are built with less security than Macs.

As a result of the belief that Mac is more secure, some Mac users don't use anti-malware software as much. This actually means that, when there is an outbreak of malware, the impact is often higher than a malware campaign for Windows as the infection spreads more quickly and is often detected later than a Windows malware campaign.

Microsoft has built-in antivirus software, making it able to stop the virus from entering your computer. Mac computers however don't, therefore if virus-defense software isn't downloaded before a malware enters your computer, your data may be compromised. Your computer will be able to defend itself once the software is installed, but the virus may be already settled in.
Mac user needs to protect their machines by using the operating system's security features and third-party software such as AV – if they don't, there is an increasing chance they will be affected, and could suffer an incident that causes tangible losses.

Although Macs do not have anti-virus protection, they do have an alternative way of pushing malicious programs away. This program is known as Gatekeeper and it automatically blocks the installing of any software that does not come from an approved developer. The approved software will contain a digital signature that the computer will observe before approving the installation.
Another safety tool is the Fire Vault app used by Macs, which allows full disk encryption in case someone steals your computer or hard drive. Windows are also equipped with a similar app called BitLocker, however all of its features can only be used with the "Pro" edition.

All in all, Mac and Windows have their differences in their safety features but you will find that there isn't one that is safer than the other. One must always be cautious of malicious websites and software they are about to install, and always protect each computer from malware using their system's security features.

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