Blog posts that will help you make your computer more secure.

Stay secure in the Cloud

We regularly come across stories of people whose cloud accounts have been hacked and their personal data leaked all over the Internet.Most of these people could never imagine of how easy it would be for their data to be accessed from a web browser and most of the time the reason that they were vulnerable was that they were not following basic rules...
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Free vs Paid Antivirus Software

There is often the question to individuals and businesses whether it is worth paying for Internet Security software. There is an abundance of free antivirus software out there with unlimited updates which makes you wonder.The most basic levels of antivirus products are free and paid antivirus, suites and premium suites, As you move up levels you us...
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Top 10 tips on how to protect your data

Since 1998 Data Protection is taken very seriously across all dimensions of privacy and control and especially, when it comes to dealing with the Internet. Your personal and private information might be in danger of falling into wrong hands and you would not want face the consequences.So, we've decided to share our top 10 tips on how to keep your d...
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Windows vs Mac - Which one is safer against viruses

Mac computers are believed to be less prone to malware than Windows computers. This is because they compose a smaller proportion of the market, as 90% of computers have Windows installed. This makes Windows computers a more attractive target for attackers, since malware developers want to impact as many computers as possible. This does not mean how...
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Tips to avoid getting hacked

In the last year, several multinational firms and individuals have become victims of hackers.Nowadays, computer hacking has become much easier and a lot more common. There are several ways to avoid getting hacked and saving your private data from being in the hands of a malicious individual:1.Change your passwords regularlyIt is smart to change you...
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