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Microsoft to release critical security update for Windows 10 Internet Explorer

(MS16-023 Security patch)Important news for all the windows 10 users:The tech giant's is working on a future update regarding Microsoft Internet Explorer. On a previous statement the company stated that this security update resolves internal vulnerabilities when using Explorer. In most severe cases Microsoft further stated that third party individu...
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Start exploring the weirdness of quantum mechanics!

​IBM releases quantum computing.Indeed the chip giant has established in New York a research laboratory with a five-qubit quantum computer accessible from the cloud platform to the masses.It is the first time that a quantum computer is available to others. That allows developing the research beyond research centres and universities through this exp...
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Internet of Things

​Over the past couple of years the average person has relied more and more on the Internet, whether it's through the use of smartphones for social communication or the use of the Internet for researching information."The Internet of Things" (IOT) is a concept, connecting all of your everyday network enabled devices such as phones, washing machines,...
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Do you need a digital detox?

​Ofcom's annual communications market report, gave us recently some very interesting data on the frequency that the UK population interacts with the Internet.This at a time that 71%of adults in the UK owns a smartphone.A sample of 2,500 people was used revealing that a large portion of the public would like to spend less time online or indeed have ...
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15 interesting facts that you probably did not know about Computing and the Internet

1.TYPEWRITER is the longest word that you can write using the letters only on one row of the keyboard of your computer.2.Over 6000 new computer viruses are released every month.3.HP, Microsoft and Apple have all started in a garage.4.An average person normally blinks 20 times a minute, but when using a computer he/she blinks only 7 times a minute.5...
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