Computer Repair London Computer Upgrades

When you are not satisfied by the level of performance from your PC or laptop but you are not ready to purchase a new one yet, there is always the option of upgrading some of the computers components.

This way you keep the cost down, boost the performance of your computer and minimise the amount of inconvenience involved in getting a new computer.


The most common upgrade is to increase the RAM. Newer versions of operating systems and applications are memory hungry hence increased RAM will make quite a difference in how your computer responds to everyday tasks.

Additionally, as the amount of data we store increases you may want to invest into a larger hard drive (nowadays single hard drives can be as large as 3TB) or a faster drive such as a solid state drive which can made file access times significantly faster.

On many occations you may wish to upgrade your graphics card or place an additional one for graphics demanding applications  or to even upgrade your processor for greater processing power.

Whatever the brand and make of your computer we at Computer Being Ltd can arrange its upgrade based on your exact requirements.