Computer Repair London Virus Removal

Computer viruses and trojans are malicious programs (usually referred to as malware) that are capable of damaging computing devices including laptops, smartphones, and workstations in a variety of ways.

These can infect your equipment in an increasing number of ways and it becomes more and more difficult to detect them. Some devices are infected through malicious email attachments, others by visiting fake websites through phishing attacks, others through flash drives containing the malicious software and others.

In more specific terms, computer viruses are known for reproducing themselves and affecting other programs in a computer. Trojans are more subtle as they hide behind  legitimate programs and appear harmless while actually doing otherwise.

Computer viruses and trojans gravely impinge on the efficient functioning of computers and could result to gross loss of data amounting to millions of pounds. Moreover, they can lead to stealing your financial information or holding your data hostage through ransomware as we hear often in the news.

However, infected computers could be fixed once detected and data could be recovered even if partially or entirely deleted.

In Computer Being Ltd we can remove all malicious software that have been placed on your system quickly and effectively but also advise you on ways to prevent such incidents in the future.