Laptop Repair London

Most of us are increasingly reliant on our computers being functional in order to perform our work, communicate, research information and entertain ourselves.

Hence, when a fault occurs, the downtime can be devastating. You need a computer repair service with knowledgeable IT engineers who you can meet and trust that will get your computer up and running quickly and cost effectively and Computer Being can provide exactly that.

When you bring your computer in, we will perform a free of charge diagnosis, after which we will inform you on the nature of the fault, the options you have and provide a fixed quote. Should you approve our quote we will proceed in the repair straight away and it will usually be ready within 24-48 hours (subject to part availability). Should a need arise we also perform call outs for the central London area to businesses and residences.

We can repair PC’s of all makes and models, including desktop computers, laptops and servers. Our extensive experience guarantees that our repairs are cost-effective and our diagnosis accurate. Our team of experienced and certified engineers is based on Piccadilly Circus and you can visit us anytime without booking an appointment.

Our central location next to the Piccadilly Circus tube station and between the areas of Mayfair and Soho makes us very accessible so that you can easily drop off your computer equipment.

Computer Repair London

All our repairs come with a 3-month warranty for peace of mind. Below you will see some common faults that we encounter and resolve:

Computer Virus Removal

Malicious software that could infect your computer are continuously on the rise. Threats vary and can have a devastating effect. Ransomware, phishing emails, data breaches, credential theft, crypto jacking, software exploits, malicious code are only some of the threats targeting users today. You may see that your computer slows down, has several po ups, your web browser keeps redirecting you to different pages or your files are being kept hostage. However, malware do not always have obvious indications that betray their presence, but you may suspect that you have inadequate protection against threats while you receive an unusual amount of phishing emails and wish to make sure you are protected. Whatever the case is Computer Being engineers can remove any malware from you computer and make sure that you are protected in the future. We are silver partners of Sophos which is our antimalware solution of choice providing a range of next generation tools that make sure that threats are kept at bay.

Computer Upgrades

Perhaps your computer is a few years old and you would benefit from a hardware upgrade or perhaps you are using a new software at work that is quite demanding or even a new game that requires a higher computer specification. Computer Being engineers can upgrade each of your computer components and advise on the best upgrades for your needs.

Computer Overheating and Shutting Down

It is common occurrence nowadays for computers to overheat. There are several signs that could indicate overheating as the computer suddenly shutting down, fans operating at full speed continuously, areas of your computer feeling very hot. The cause varies ranging from extensive dust inside your computer case, faulty fans to dried up thermal past on the processor and GPU. Whatever the cause is, we can repair it quickly and cost effectively.

Windows Blue Screen

The notorious BSoD (blue screen of death) indicates a fatal error with the Windows operating system. We have seen it countless times among several versions of Microsoft Windows and many times the automatic repair tools offered by Microsoft do not work. At Computer Being, we can quickly identify and resolve the issue causing the blue screen while keeping your valuable files safe.

Computer Freezes

It is quite frustrating when your computer freezes before you had managed to save your work. Now you need to restart and lose everything. The cause could be software and operating system related or hardware related such as a hard drive with bad sectors or a faulty motherboard. Computer Being engineers will thoroughly examine each component to establish the cause and will have you up and running again in very little time.

Computer not turning on

There is nothing more upsetting than your computer not turning on as it gives you the idea that repairing it would be a challenge. Usually, this is related to a faulty power supply, faulty RAM or a damaged motherboard. An accurate diagnosis is essential so that the repair is as cost effective as possible.

Computer making noises

Unusual noises coming from your computer is a worrying sign. It could be a clogged up, rusty or dysfunctional fan, a failing hard drive that makes clicking noises or a bios error code which could mean anything from faulty RAM to a faulty motherboard. Whatever you think the cause is, it is best to bring it to us asap as to prevent further damage.

Computer is not booting

Although your computer turns on, it fails to boot into the operating system. Usually this is related to either a corrupt operating system installation or a failure of the storage device (hard drive, SSD) but it can also be attributes to a few other reasons. Regardless of the cause, Computer Being engineers can quickly and reliably restore your computer to its former state.

Computer is too slow

You may experience your computer becoming unusually slow for perhaps no apparent reason. It could be a software issue or perhaps an indication that your computer needs a hardware upgrade or worse a sign that your hard drive is about to fail which will prevent you from accessing your files. Our accurate diagnosis will inform you of the fault and will suggest a suitable remedy. Once we fix it, it will be faster than ever before.

Computer cannot connect to the Internet

This issue could be due to a fault with your Internet connection where we would have to visit your premises and troubleshoot it, but it could be an issue with your computer ranging from a fault to your network interface card or your Wi-Fi adapter to simply the wrong network card drivers being installed.