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10 Tips to prolong your battery life

While laptops are very convenient to carry around and complete various tasks on the go be it for professional or individual purposes, it might be very annoying when your device's battery dies out right in the middle of it. So, we will share top 10 ti...
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SSD vs HDD: Which one is right for you?

SSD vs HDD: Which one is right for you?

Both drives do the same job which is store your personal files such as songs, videos, pictures, documents and applications but they have their own unique differences that are outlined below:


Hard Disk Drives are much cheaper than SDDs as they differ in functionality and many other areas outlined in the subsections below. They will remain cheaper as hard drives use traditional old school technology with a read/write arm. SDD, in comparison, has a bit more sophisticated technology embedded to it, thus they cost more.


The advantage of SSD over HDD in this aspect is as clear as day. It takes most of the devices with SSD just seconds to boot and get up to speed with various operational tasks such as downloading, transferring files or running applications/softwares. In contrast, HDDs are much slower in comparison and will take more time to boot and gain full speed. Even though this might not make a huge difference for an average user, it might just change things around for expert users or small business owners.

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Should you upgrade your computer or buy a new one?

Should you upgrade your computer or buy a new one?

This is something we are being asked on a daily basis and the answer requires you to consider a number of parameters.

In general if you are happy with your PC's performance there is obviously no compelling need to make any changes. However to ask this question you are probably not happy and long for a system that will be fast and will support the latest software.

But let's see at some questions and answers that will help you make the decision between upgrading and purchasing a new computer.

How do you intend to use your computer?

If your intended use is browsing the web and checking your emails, upgrading your hard drive to an SSD and/or upgrading your RAM should be a more than enough upgrade, provided that your computer is not more than 5-6 years old.

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