IT Support St James London

Computer Being specialises in providing quality, readily available and flexible IT Support to small and medium sized businesses based in Central London.

Whether you are just starting up and need the most efficient and cost effective way to organise your IT infrastructure, or you are growing and realise the need for continuous IT support and optimisation of your current setup or even if you wish to change IT support suppliers we are here to assist. Among the services we offer are:

  •  IT Consulting from expert engineers
  • Onsite as well as Remote Support 7 days a week
  •  Both preventive and corrective support
  • IT Equipment procurement and custom built systems for your specialist needs
  • Web development, E-commerce solutions and integration of those with your processes
  • IT Security audits
  • Cloud migration services
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Continuous monitoring of your backup systems and the smooth running of your computers, servers and peripherals

Our offices are located in Piccadilly Circus,a very short walk from St James making it easy to attend your premises at a short notice in case of an emergency. Furthermore, our focus is in the success of your business enhanced by the effectiveness and reliability of your IT systems. Furthermore, we:

  • Offer customised solutions to your IT issues tailored to your industry
  • Work within your budget and setup a plan for future upgrades and projected growth so you know where you stand
  •  Meet with you and offer personalised consultations at your workplace so that you can demonstrate exactly how you wish your business to operate
  • Help you reduce costs wherever possible and increase your revenue
  • Increase your productive by advising on the most efficient way to run your operation

Our IT Support agreements are very flexible as to match your exact needs.

Give us a call so that we will arrange an initial free of charge consultation.

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