A laptop’s broken hinge looks often worse than it is. Whether you dropped your laptop, closed the lid in haste or opened it too quickly the laptop’s hinge may have been detached from the screen’s back bezel or the laptop’s bottom cover making it very difficult to open or close the lid.

Many times, you will see exposed cables and components, but the laptop will still be operational. However, if you do not stop using the laptop and have it repaired you run the risk of the laptop’s internal components getting damaged or the screen cable getting cut off.

Depending on the extend of the damage, engineers at Computer Being can have your laptop fixed within a day or in cases where parts are needed that are not available a couple of days more. In any occasion we are going to fix your broken hinge and it will work as if it was brand new.

We handle all brands from Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba or any other.

Please visit us and we will perform a free of charge diagnostic within a day advising you on which are your options. As always, our repairs are cost-effective and long lasting.