• Is there a diagnostic fee for looking at my computer?

    No. There is no diagnostic fee. We examine your computer for free and inform you of our quote and turnaround time. You then decide what you wish to do.

  • Is it worth repairing my laptop?

    It really depends on its specification and the type of damage that it has. In general, considering that our repairs are quite cost-effective its definitely worth it, but in a limited number of occasions we may advise you that it would be more cost effective to recover your files and go for a newer model.

  • How much does it cost to fix your computer?

    It is difficult to say without examining the fault first. However, following our initial free diagnosis we will provide you with a no obligation fixed fee quote. For repairs that are straightforward such as a broken screen give us a call and we will provide you with an estimate.

  • Can you arrange collection and delivery?

    Most of our clients prefer to bring their computers to our office, however some also send them over with a taxi service. Alternatives, are offered, such as same day couriers. Please give us a call to discuss.

  • Are you doing the repairs inhouse?

    Yes, all repairs take place on our workshop in 36-38 Glasshouse Street.

  • How much does data recovery cost?

    It depends on difficulty of the recovery and the damage to the storage media. We always perform a free of charge diagnostic check so that we will be able to inform you of what we can do and provide a quote.

  • How long does a PC or laptop repair take?

    On average 48 hours depending on the availability of parts. However, many of our repairs take place on the same or next day.

  • Are you building custom PCs?

    Yes, we do build some amazing custom PCs at a fraction of the price of high street retailers. Just give us your budget and we will build the best PC for your money.

  • How do you charge for IT Support?

    We are very flexible in our IT Support offerings. Several companies like to have annual IT Support agreements where we have guaranteed response times and a fixed fee per month, while others prefer to use our services in an Ad Hoc basis whenever they need us. Let us know what you require and how you work and we will find the best support model for you.