Most of us rely on our computers to be able to work, communicate, research information and entertain ourselves. Thus, when a fault occurs, the downtime can be devastating. You need a computer repair service with knowledgeable IT engineers who you can meet. Ones that will be dedicated to getting your computer up and running quickly and cost effectively. Here at Computer Being we provide exactly that.
When you bring your computer in, we will first perform a free of charge diagnosis. Following the diagnosis, we will inform you on the nature of the fault, the options you have and of a fixed quote. Should you approve our quote we will proceed in the repair straight away. Your computer will usually be ready within 24-48 hours (subject to part availability). Should there be a need we can perform call outs for the central London area to businesses and residences.
We can repair PC’s of all makes and models, including desktop computers, laptops and servers. Whether you have a gaming PC, an all-in-one PC, a custom built PC we can always assist. Our extensive experience guarantees that our repairs are cost-effective and our diagnosis accurate. On top of that we offer a 90-day warranty on all of our repair work for peace of mind.
Our central location in Piccadilly Circus, between the areas of Mayfair and Soho makes us very accessible. You can drop off your computer equipment anytime without booking an appointment.If you are looking for a computer repair in London, UK visit us first.
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Some of the PC brands that we support are: LenovoToshibaAsusAcerDellHP and MSI.

All our repairs come with a 3-month warranty for peace of mind. Below you will see some common faults that we encounter and resolve:


Malicious software that could infect your computer are on the rise. Threats vary and can have a devastating effect. Some of threats that target users today, are ransomware, phishing emails, data breaches, credential theft, crypto jacking and software exploits. There may be warning signs such as your computer slowing down but often there are none. Malware often conceal their presence. When you realise that your files are being held hostage or your data has been compromised, it is often too late. Adequate protection against known and future threats is essential. Computer Being engineers can remove any infection from your computer. We are silver partners with Sophos offering a range of next-generation antimalware software. Not only we ensure that you are free from threats but also that you are protected in the future.


You may wish to upgrade your computer if it is a few years old and you wish it was performing better. Or you may wish to upgrade if your current hardware does not meet the criteria of a new piece of software. Whichever the case, Computer Being engineers can provide the best upgrades for your needs.


It is common occurrence nowadays for computers to overheat. Some signs of overheating are fans operating at full speed all the time or random shut downs. The causes can range from a buildup of dust inside the casing, faulty fans to dried up thermal paste. Whatever the cause is, we can have your computer working optimally in a short time.


The notorious BSoD (blue screen of death) indicates a fatal error with the Windows operating system. We have seen it countless times in different versions of Microsoft Windows. Many times the automatic repair tools offered by Microsoft do not work. At Computer Being, we can quickly identify and resolve the issue causing the blue screen while keeping your valuable files safe.


It is quite frustrating when your computer freezes before you had the chance to save your work. This could be software or operating system related or hardware related. From a corrupted operating system to a hard drive with bad sectors. Computer Being engineers will thoroughly examine each component and will have you up and running again in very little time.


There is nothing more upsetting than your computer not turning on as it gives you the idea that a repair would be challenging ana expensive. Usually, this is related to a faulty power supply, faulty RAM or a damaged motherboard. An accurate diagnosis is essential so that the repair is as cost effective as possible.


Unusual noises coming from your computer is a worrying sign. It could be a clogged up, rusty or dysfunctional fan, a failing hard drive or a bios error code. Whatever you think the cause is, bring it to us asap as to prevent any further damage.


Although your computer turns on, it fails to boot to the operating system. Usually this is due to either a corrupt operating system or a failure of the storage device (hard drive, SSD). Our priority would always be the safety of your computer data. Once we have secured your files we will troubleshoot the issue. Regardless of the cause, Computer Being engineers can restore your computer to its former state.


You may experience your computer becoming unusually slow for no plain reason. It could be a software issue or a sign that your computer needs a hardware upgrade. Even worse it could be a sign that your hard drive is about to fail and you could lose your files. Our accurate diagnosis will inform you of the fault and will suggest a suitable remedy. Once we fix it, it will be faster than ever before.


This could be due to a fault with your Internet connection or an issue with your computer’s network card. We will guide you over the phone to identify where the fault lies. Depending on what it is, you can either drop off your computer to us or we may need to arrange a visit to your premises.


High end desktop computers tend to be pushed to their limits by their owners. As power users ourselves, we thoroughly enjoy repairing custom pc setups and improving their performance. For a knowledable and effective PC repair service visit us.