Is Windows 7 dead?

windows 7

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System was launched in 2009 as a successor to Windows Vista & although it has since been superseded by several newer Systems (the latest being Windows 10) it is still considered to be one of the best versions to be released in terms of feature content & ease of use, particularly from the viewpoint of the average user.

There were several further updated & expanded versions of Windows 7, the most widely available being Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium & Windows 7 Ultimate.
As the name may suggest, the latter proved to be overall, the most popular version for those with more advanced business requirements but was not really a practical choice for a more basic operations user.

Windows 7 reached it’s End of Life (EOL) on January 14th 2020, which means that although it will continue to run after this date it will do so without technical support or security & software updates from its creators, Microsoft, thus leaving it increasingly susceptible to viruses & Malware.

For both personal & business use this will also effectively lead to a gradual decline in its overall performance as it will not have access to important features & upgrades which may be beneficial, particularly where there is the need or desire to access the latest technological advantages.

Previously, assistance with upgrading to a newer version of the Windows Operating System for free was made available through Extended Support which began in 2015 as an encouragement for users to switch, but sadly this offer period has now ended.

It would be wise to consider upgrading to Windows 10, the latest version, to ensure that you are not only gaining access to the important support features that help you keep pace with some of the latest technological improvements & advancements but also to ensure there is access to the equally beneficial support element that Microsoft includes that can readily assist when difficulties arise.
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